Long term investing goals with Trading 212

What are everyone’s long term investing goals using Trading 212 ? With pies and Autoinvest coming it really paves the way to set a plan in action and stick with it.

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I guess my goal is to keep paying in enough until my portfolio can start paying me lol.


That’s a great goal and I’d like the same. To sow the seeds now for an income later :+1:t3:

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The main goal is to create my own sort of third pension pillar portfolio based on ETFs.

Maybe I will try also an additional portfolio with stocks, but after much more research.

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It’s a needed move by brokers. Normally retail traders smoke their accounts, typically with CFDs. If you keep customers happy and growing their funds, you keep them longer term, which is more beneficial overall.
I really like T212, but wish there was more stocks to trade. The entire nyse and nasdaq should be available so you can invest in stocks with longer time horizons.

that is the goal, but it takes time to grow the selection due to paperwork et cetera.

a lot of recent improves have gone towards being able to get hundreds of new listings much faster than before and as we get access to more markets, this should only speed up.

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