Clean energy ETF

As above, any recommendations for a clean energy ETF?

I currently hold Ceres Power, but thinking some diversity might be good.

INRG is the first one that pops to mind. Currently at about 930p after coming down from recent (January 2021) highs of around 1420p. Premium of 0.35 % as of last week and ongoing charges of 0.65 %. Holdings can be found here.

Keen to see some other options in this field though.

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L&G Clean Energy Fund (RENG on T212)
Includes a holding in Tesla.


This one, also available in dollars as RENW, appears to be the cheapest at 0.49%. INRG seems to dwarf all the others in terms of size though.

Be wary of NRJL and Lyxor ETFs more generally. Although it’s a shade cheaper than INRG and near £1bn size-wise, it is domiciled in France which can have tax implications.

I’m slightly surprised that there’s none cheaper. I’d sooner pay nearer 1% for an investment trust in the absence of any ‘cheap’ 0.25%-ish trackers.

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Didn’t the sheer size of INRG lead to enforced rebalancing because the size of the holdings exploded with all the new money pouring into it and they had to follow their own rules?

Neither fund has been doing particularly well lately with the general downturn in clean energy stocks but L&G is doing slightly better over the last 3 months

I think the hype for clean energy is wearing off. But over the next 10 years as we gear towards 2030 emissions reduction targets hopefully we will continue to see an uptrend.

I think people have came to realise that energy is energy, wether it be clean or not, the end product sells for roughly the same.

Much like EVs, your GMs etc are doing really well now because they have actual revenue and can easily diversify into EV. Unlike the trendy new EV start ups with no revenue, which has now died down fortunately.

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Yeah agree. I’ve started taking a look into Volkswagen with the similar points in mind.

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This one’s not been mentioned yet: Invesco Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF (GCED). It does does include BYD and NIO so not sure it completely fits the brief…

Not quite on 212 yet but others are making a case for it.

The index it tracks is tiny, so the ETF money ended up very concentrated.

Hopefully a newer more comprehensive clean energy index gets formed soon

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Hasn’t this already been done? Hence the big changes in INRG back in April. There’s a list of current holdings here.

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Ceres Power (CWR) has potentially found some support just now ~930p.

Recent announcement that the UK is banning sale of diesel lorries should bring more focus to battery/hydrogen fuel cells.

Not keen on clean energy ETFs personally, but I do think people need exposure to energy. Mine comes from BP and NEE.

Are you wanting exposure to fossil fuels or renewables through BP and NEE?

Just started a small position in Total this morning. A friend of a friend recently started working in one of their renewables department and they’ve got some pretty ambitious direction changes planned.

I’ve been creating a pie with different green energy companies, prefer it that way than getting green energy ETF’s. I can control the % allocations, who gets to be in the pie and etc.

NEE is a smaller position, just a solid energy exposure with a growing dividend, I will be looking closely at earnings to see if progress keeps going.

BP is a larger holding and its because both oil/gas business now should return large profits in coming quarters and also longer term they are increasing their GW of renewables by some scale, so I will also be keen to compare BP and NEE energy generations at next earnings soon to get an idea of types of profit currently on certain energies.

Thing is with BP for me is I didn’t own it pre-pandemic, so I am not a bag holder and so I dont see much downside, I can see if your someone who bought it at 500p+ and had your dividend cut in half you can be annoyed, but unless oil goes away in next couple years BP are going to be making a lot of money for a company with a relatively low valuation, (we are talking I expect single digits TTM P/E when this next quarter comes out). Question is how much of the money do we see as shareholders, supposed to be 60% of profit returned to us but the downside risk is if management spends too much on less good renewable assets and their oil/gas money runs out before renewables start making a dent for them.


I think clean energy is going to be back in play with the recent flooding in Europe, the next German chancellor is already outspoken about the need for much tougher regulations and a quicker move to sustainability.

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I also think now is a decent buying point for clean energy plays. The market has over corrected the recent drops.

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For your consideration - A Hydrogen investment trust…

Just seen the link on another forum so I don’t know much about it.

Thanks for the rationalisation.