Made Money but Can Not Withdraw It, WHY?

Hi everyone,
After making some profits, I decided to cash out. I thought the amount I can cash out would be: my Account Value (£2.2K) + Live Results (profit/loss) from my open positions(-£800) + my Accumulated Profits (£1.3K) shown in Results. So I expect I could pocket £2.7K, right?

In fact, I was only able to withdraw £2.2K, which was my Account Value. After Live Results (profit/loss) from the open positions were offset by the Accumulated Profits in Results, the remainder of my accumulated profits (£500) were stuck in the trading account. I can’t withdraw it or reinvest it.

Is this normal? Anyone shares the same experiences?

@InvestTurbo The ‘Account value’ already includes the profits/losses of your trading activity. It is the ultimate value of your account.

Understood. Thank you.

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