Make Stock names copyable

It would be useful to right click & copy the stock names for googling. Currently not able to copy the name. Or maybe add a copy to clipboard button? It’s not a big deal if I have to type in one name, but if I’m researching 20 stocks it can get a bit tedious.



I think part of the strength of the platform design is that you cannot accidentally highlight stuff when trying to interact with the charts.

searching a company by ticker is as simple as entering a few letters into google and then copy pasting the name from there.

I wish that option too.
I think it’s possible to make it without interacting with charts - like adding a button which will copy name of stock/etf to clipboard. Easy and simple.

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Totally agree, it should not be that difficult to allow copyable text for data such as ISIN etc.

lazy programming…i am in IT too and let me tell the copy paste function is a piece of cake. not sure why they allow it in the app but not on the web. leaving the fact that i don’t like their web interface at all. it needs a complete revamp…


I’d like to vote for the ability to copy anything. It is really difficult to cross reference different ETFs without the ability to copy the ISIN for example.


The website will certainly not win any usability awards.

I don’t like to necro posts but with the new design there is even less copyable text than before.

Stock / ETF name
Pie name
Account / Portfolio balances

These should be copyable and that also means not disabling right click.