Desktop Website (copy/paste)

This may be dumb and me being super lazy, but quite a few fields on the website don’t allow you to select the text, to copy or paste or use the web browser to select and search text via google.

For example: If I wanted to copy & paste my portfolio total amount I cannot select the figure it blocks you from doing so, where as other fields work fine. I am using Safari on OSX btw.

Does anyone else have this issue or find this annoying?



download this extension for chrome:

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Thanks for the reply, this may help others using chrome but I am using Safari and won’t be changing browsers just for this or installing an extension to do so. Appreciate the response tho :+1:

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Team212 censored my previous reply, which I find offensive.


While we appreciate all the feedback, the comment has been hidden as it contained inappropriate language. Thank you for the understanding.

Trading 212 Team.

I didn’t see any poor language in JanPM’s response.

Whilst you’re here @Team212 can you comment on my original question please?


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Seriously, “poor programming skills” and “lack of experience” is not inappropriate language.
You must be able to handle a little bit of criticism!

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I’d flag your post too - no offense, but it’s pure hate instead of constructive advice. If you have an improvement suggestion then shoot. It’s pointless to finger point…


I kind of agree with your view but it can be open to interpretation.

End of day the ability to scrape information from a website is not the primary function of the information service. As a result your comment could be read as a bit blunt, but it’s not ‘bad’ as people reading it with an impartial view should realise this.

Have you thought about exporting your trades/positions in the app, and then rebuilding your valuation using google finance at the intervals you require?

I wish Trading212 would communicate more on the forums.

Back on topic. @Team212 you had time to respond to the inappropriate language in your words, so would you mind answer this original query please?

Also is this just a design issue, or is the inability to copy and paste certain text intentional so people cannot scrape information from the website?

Thanks for your time.

Print the webpage to PDF then copy the text to save you typing the phrase into the search bar?