Technical ideas or issues

Hi team,
I don`t know if it is a repost but I have some questions…or good ideas:

  1. There is a possibility to expand the web platform? I mean there is a possibility to expand to other displays? (1 display with charts, 1 display with my account…etc)
  2. There is a project in the future with this type of technical features?

Thank you

Hi, I am not able to select text and copy it to clipboard on the web platform, for example to select and copy the ISIN code. It is quite frustrating. Is it on my side or is it a property of the platform? Thanks

I can’t copy it too. I read on forum that it’s not possible on this platform. It was kinda frustrating for me too when I was searching ETF’s.

I asked about this also, and it’s not possible.

I also added it as a suggestion here: Make Stock names copyable, so if you guys want to reply to my thread to get some visibility, please do.