Make the charts easier to see and use!

Please make the fonts on e.g. chart axes more legible. Either fixed or settable.
You’re using a small font, in GREY! I have trouble reading them. It would be better

and have at least an option to have the vertical axis in rounder number increments - they seem to be entirely random.

…your competitors’ are much easier to use.!!


It is a top priority of ours to make everyone’s experience on the platform as pleasant as possible. So, thank you for your suggestions on that front!

I’ll make sure to pass your feedback along for further consideration.

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I’ll add to this rather than making a new thread, because it’s still about improving the UI.

The BOT seems to think I can change the vertical axis to %, or % change, in the desktop app.
I can’t.
Am I missing something?
When I right-click, ( as the bot says) I don’t get anything useful for that.
Those apparently random fractions of price are driving me nuts.

It’s possible that my browser isn’t showing all that’s intended? (firefox)
I can’t find a Help article which goes over what’s in screens, charts and menus.

I must say I find the chart/UI lacking. It doesn’t even show pending orders,
you can’t adjust an order, etc.

Another one:
Can I add things to the calendar?
Bot says I can, but I’ve left and right clicked everything I can see,

I found another calendar, in the community page, under " â‹® More "
Upcoming events,
there’s a calendar.
Not helpful, though.

put the cursor on the vertical scale and drag up/down using the left mouse button and it will adjust the scale

Yeah I found that, despite the instructions.

Well, there aren’t any instructions.

The scale on the vertivcal axis is an unhelpful as it could be,
The moble app one is better, but you can’t look at both at once - it logs you out. 2FA is supposed to help but I couldn’t make it work and it slows things down.

If you click the (-) a few times, does your trace go off the left side of the screen?
And (+) doesn’t bring it back again? So you get a screen which is useless and can’t be brought back by simply reversing what you just did.
MIne does it on 3 computers/os’s, so it looks like a bug.
I’ve been asked for a screen recording although it was half admitted by telling me I could work around it . Not such a nice reply.

The pointer tool is the same menu button as other controls, so if you have one of those active (like “measure”) you can’t use the mouse to resize things, drag the screen …
If I want a box to show me 1%, the vertical scale is useless so I have to draw a box, change tool, measure it, change tool, alter it, change tool, see if that’s right…

The BOT is worse than useless, it’s wrong about 9 times out of 10. It often refers to something on the screen which isn’t there, then it says “sorry for the confusion” and that the screen is different.
Next time, it makes the same mistake, so AI is lacking!
I gave up telling it things are wrong.

“My Watch List” doesn’t really work on the Desktop.
I haven’t seen a description of what it uses it for.
Can I use it to display a list of instruments with prices, changes, premarket prices? No, not that I can see.
Can I drag instruments in and out - ah, no.
I can’t load to or remove from the screen all the instruments in a watchlist, so there’s not too much that’suseful.

If I’m using the “advanced” chart, split view, does it tell me which ones I’m holding? A red frame around the window, say? Er, no. Can I move the windows (for each instrument) about? The BOT says I can, but not that I can see.
So the ones I own are 2 down and four across, three across and four down,…
Sure I can pick one from the dropdown, but then it gets replaced easily.

Pies are pretty useless on the desktop. To me anyway. It can’t even make a pie from current holdings.

Alerts (prices) often won’t set . They trigger immediately and disappear, when things are busy. The bBOT says they won’t disappear. Sometimes they do. Miles from the current price, so it is not an invisible candle wick. If you wait until it calms down then they work - so no we can’t supply a screen recording. That’s typical of a software bug where a timer isn’t getting set properly, or something. Help desk just asks for a screen recording, but unless you record your screen ALL DAY that’s not possible. Look at the code!
A “static” test doesn’t show it or it would have been found before now.
Instead, there’s the implication that we’re imagining it. Well I’m not entirely stupid, and I’m not making it up.
Hooray you can drag watch points about. Why nothing else?

If you drag a line up and down, it doesn’t put it “on top” temporarily, so you can’t see the number

Modal popup windows, like Buy/Sell, aren’t movable, so the chances are, they’re on top of what you need to see so you have to cancel, move things and start again.
Just make them draggable - basic html!!

When An Alert pops up, not only does it cover things you don’t want covered, but it just tells you a ticker. If you can’t remember what “YZ” is, you can’t use it. No link…

No Tool tips in most cases.
No Ctrl/shift/alt keys to speed things up
Right click does a few things, but how about having it edit the buy/sell limits - oh you haven’t put them on the chart… or set levels for lines, or alerts?

Can’t move a stop limit from the chart - it takes ages to change them, and then they don’t even show on the chart. Can’t edit them even with the keyboard.

How about putting the £/$ conversion rate on the screen? There’s plenty of real estate. A clock would be useful too. Or a scrolling ticker line.

How about making the CFD “demo” account actually simulate the full range of functions? All the more complicated stuff you’d want to experiment with, simply isn’t there. Would I use yours, or one where it works?

Would I use this platform for more cash, more advanced trading?

If I’m wrong about any of this I’ll be delighted. Please show me where.

Apart from that, it’s fine.

This is really in the wrong section. I’ll move it.

Multiple sessions are not allowed, in general, as an account security measure. As for the vertical scale on web, we’ll consider rounder increments.

The +/- helps control the vertical zoom. You can grab this slider on the screenshot, and move it left or right to adjust the chart depending on your preferences.


It makes sense for it to be more intuitive, yes. I’ll pass that along for consideration.

Appreciate the input on that one. We’re working behind the scenes, providing additional training and resources to make sure the bot only improves from here on out.

You can use the watchlist to keep track of your favourite stocks’ performance during regular and extended hours. Here’s a quick guide on how you can set one up and operate with it :arrow_heading_down:

That’s not possible at the moment, but you can import some of your current holdings to an already existing pie. Here’s how → click here

I’ll have to take a closer look at this. I’ll DM you for more info.

That makes sense as well. I’ll run it past the team.

Mind if you share an example with me over DM so I can get the full context?

What would you have sped up? :thinking:

This will be yet another point I’ll pass along for further consideration.

Those too :point_up:

That was the idea initially. Do you mind sharing a few examples of functionalities you’ve found to be missing over DM?

The scroll bar alone won’t do it. Once you’ve hit (-) too much, you have to faff to get the trace back. I’ve learned the faff, but…
Scroll bar furthest right and furthest left:
Screenshot scrollbar

If you use (+) from the top screen, you just get


Probably not what was intended.
Is it just me? Firefox…?

Watchlist - those instructions are for the mobile app - no pen and wheel on the desktop.

I’ve been guided to the controls now, but hadn’t seen them in 3 weeks of using the platform. There are no instructions or video on that, I think. ( a few demo videos would have saved much time).

I assumed the watchliists would each bring up the instruments on it, in the split screen, but no, you have to add and remove them one at a time every time you switch.

I found a workaround to duplicate the tab in windows, move the tab to a separate window, and put that window on a separate screen.

Ctrl/Alt could be used to zoom aboutthe current time, stop the verical axis zooming, etc.

CFD demo -well all the bits not on the Invest program, so people can practice losing loads of money by going short at 30x and holding it overnight! The BOT, bless her, says those aren’t available.

I had an errant Alert this evening, well after hours. I cleared everything visible but it wouldn’t shut up. The BOT says go to the alerts menu item. There isn’t one?
With nothing showing, I used Task Manager and found one subprocess active in Firefox, and closed it. :hammer:

And I had a few more of these rogues today: nothing would move it so closed the tab and opened a new one.

Perhaps others are finding some of the same and keeping quiet. Sorry to be noisy!


Not entirely sure what the end-goal is here, but you can also grab a certain point on the graph and drag it left or right for a more precise and in-depth overview.

There are instructions for the web app too. Just scroll down all the way to the bottom of the article.

The idea is to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with X number of instruments you follow the most as quickly as possible. Then, if anything catches your eye - you can proceed and open a separate chart for it.

The CFD practice account is designed with the intent to replicate the real account as realistically as possible. So, the experience should be one and the same. Let me know if you spot any discrepancies, though.

The “Alert” menu can be found on the bottom left hand side of the screen. It’s an " :alarm_clock: " icon.

The end goal is to try to get you to accept that what I’m seeing is pretty inconvenient, in several aspects. You’re saying you aren’t seeing it.

Maybe it’s just my computer.
No I cannot just drag the trace sideways when it goes off to the left as illustrated above.
No I cannot use the scroll bar either - as illustrated. Look at where the scroll bar is - hard over.
Maybe my computer isn’t storing enough 1m data points or something.
BUt there’s no need to tell me what works after I’ve told you it doesn’t!

I have a chart which is a bit of a dog to use. The vertical scale is bad, the horizontal scale is bad, there’s no simple way to see a price percentage, and the darned thing lurches off out of view sideways if you click a button too much and it takes a sequence of different controls to bring it back.

OK it must be my end, I’ll live with it for now.

Demo accounts:
2 days ago the illustrious BOT said it was not possible to use shorting and leverage on the demo CFD account.
It has since changed its mind, well that’s good. As long as it’s not lying again.

[EDIT] Of course it’s lying again. Several things don’t work.

[quote=“B.E, post:7, topic:62759”]
The +/- helps control the vertical zoom.
[/quote] I know what it does. It would be much easier if the scroll wheel, Ctrl, Shift, drag controlled things like other charts do…

[quote=“B.E, post:7, topic:62759”]
It makes sense for it to be more intuitive, yes. I’ll pass that along for consideration.
[/quote]It’s inconvenient therefore slow, not a lack of intuition.

[quote=“B.E, post:9, topic:62759”]
There are instructions for the web app too. Just scroll down all the way to the bottom of the article.
[/quote] Pity it didn’t tell me what I needed to know. And the Help system didn’t take me to it sooner, too. Oh there isn’t a Help system…

[quote=“B.E, post:9, topic:62759”]
The “Alert” menu can be found on the bottom left hand side of the screen. It’s an " :alarm_clock: " icon.
[/quote] Yes I know. An icon isn’t a menu item so it looks wrong. But even so, it doesn’t show you what instrument is causing the alert. It’s gone.
Why not keep it there until the alert is cancelled and allow a link to its chart???

While I’m here, as someone else said a while ago, you need to show symbols with instrument names. There are 6 different Leverage Shares 1x Apple instruments, they all look the same in a name-list.

I’ll try very hard not to ask about anything else.

It seems the staff often haven’t used the site enough to know the answers so they deflect or fob you off, or tell you about something irrelevant but very obvious which does work.

The “BOT” only knows about a fairyland platform which doesn’t exist.

I would like to see wider range of the past price, when I take the lower interval, like, I see price from 01.09.2021 on 1 day interval and switch to 1 hour, I would like to be able to see the same timeframe from 01.09.2021 day. But instead I can see only from 04.04.2023. Also more past price data would be nice.

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Any chance of fixing the Trend Lines?
If you set them at one scale they might be OK at the next scale, but then they jump way off at the next.