UX improvements (users also matter, not just stakeholders)

Hi T212 Team! While using your web app (CFD) I missed some things that would make UX better:

  • visible/editable trailing stop on the chart
  • accessibility (at least close/cancel action on ESC button)
  • when I open notifications I’d like to be able to navigate to an instrument immediately, because I want to react on price changes, instead it’s either impossible or I need to use that “modal” layout which differs from the main layout
  • tradingview chart integration issues: the volume indicator doesn’t show correct values of the bars, it’s different from tradingview, there it works fine; candles could randomly repaint; the optimization when the browser tab is inactive breaks the chart, so I anyway have to update the page
  • the left panel on the chart for quick buy/sell issues: when chart is in autosize mode and an important item (SL/TP) is on top of the chart it is getting hidden under that quick action panel; this panel randomly defaults the previously added quantity values; min/max buttons for quantity would be also useful; the action buttons are too close to the quantity input, it’s easy to misclick and accidentally buy/sell instead of edit the quantity
  • when I click buy/sell instrument I can’t modify price for SL/TP (I need to change the distance or result price to find a price that I want to hit)
  • when I change settings for the line element and click “save as default” it would be cool if all the line elements were affected if the used the default style
  • add more options to manage the instrument tabs above the chart are. I would like to pin/unpin some or all/move to left tabs, that would help to focus on most important things first. Because now only option is to remember instruments or move them manually on that panel, but it’s hard in case of 10+ tabs
  • add possibility to drag the instrument buy/sell modal window

Just a side note: if you are looking for a cool FE dev in EU, please let me know, I would be happy to help you :smiley:

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Also reiterating maybe:
The little x to instantly close a trade is tiny. There’s no alternative so could yo make ait a little bigger, pretty please? Maybe stretch its box a bit and make the whole box “hot”.

Is there going to be a way to close all open positions together (Like we had before) Please?

I’ll share your feedback with the team. Thank you for taking the time to post it here :pray:

If you have other ideas, please let us know.

@Puzzled_one, I’ll drop you a DM shortly - keep an eye on your inbox :mailbox_with_mail:

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Just got one more, on OKX app they show historical buy/sell entry points on the chart, might be useful for the Invest part of your app.

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