Change of chart view

The update to the chart has lost all my indicators I’ve set up with moving averages that I spent a LOT of time setting up on hundreds of charts. The update is awful if you are using a phone


Totally agree, spent so much time setting up individual charts and it’s all gone. Tried to remain positive and set about resetting charts yesterday, but with zero experience of Tradingview I’m getting nowhere fast. Are there any good training videos or anything helpful someone could direct me to? Ie setting up different sma’s, ema’s etc. Looked on youtube but can’t find anything helpful.

Just hope settings can be saved as default to use across all charts :pray:.



Very frustrating and to be fair trading view looks like it will be good when you know how to use it which I don’t yet and my phone screen is tiny for how busy the screen is

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Totally agree, they have ruined the functionality and ergonomics of the app.

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Picked up just enough from this video to get the general gist and get going by myself on the app. Quite like it but going to take a long time to set up again.
Doesn’t look like there is an indicator ‘save as default’ function to use across all charts but hope I’m wrong.

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