Making the forum lean

With the increasing number of posts, searching the forum brings up lots of results many are unhelpful.

Can the Leaders/Moderators remove/delete/archive redundant posts, i.e. posts with outdated or no useful information?

Some historic posts are useful though. That being said, if people request stocks, and then they get added - those threads could be archived?

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fair enough request, will be rather labour intensive but I’m sure one or two of us will give it a shot. It’s hard to decide what should be archived or kept though so don’t blame us if it doesn’t happen immediately :wink:

Are their certain terms you want to be able to search without seeing all the clutter? would make a good place to start.


A can think of a few straight away:

Proof of address
Cannot buy (Can’t buy)
Maximum available
Rights, merger, split, spin off

I am sure more will come to my/your mind.


Need a monitor for each of Tesla, Nio and Palantir as those are full time jobs :wink:

At the risk of sounding childish…
Dibs not it!! :rofl:

Some more:

  • Withdrawal
  • New card
  • Withholding tax
  • Dividednds payment
  • Commissions
  • Brexit

How much are @Team212 willing to pay? :eyes::eyes:

This seems a fruitless exercise and I have never understood why message boards have an archive subcatergory forum.

Posts which are redundant or outdated get moved to the bottom of the pile by date or inactivity respectively.

When searching you’ll always normally recieve threads and posts in date order and this usually brings up the most current issues/responses and up to date advice and information.

the issue is that very different topics from very different times can often be given the same topic name, however the way the discourse forum works, you can’t make posts with a name that already exists. so eventually post names need to get longer or more convoluted just to be allowed to post. plus if the same thing is mentioned many times over a year and gets different answers, how do people figure out which is true or applicable to their query.

advice may be more recent, but doesn’t necessarily make it more accurate or valid than a previous response. we often remember answering previously, but not the exact details and have to try and write the response many times over when it is easier to just have the search results pick up the correct details the first time around.

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