Manually edit my goals in my Pies

Hi guys,

I’d love it if I could manually edit the goals in my Pies - as far as I can tell it’s determined by how my original investments have performed in the past… but in most cases that makes it unrealistic!

Also nothing worse that a “Status- Behind” notification :worried:

Any ideas out there for quick fix would also be very welcome!


you can already edit your goals it’s one of the original features of pies.

for example, on the web platform clicking on a pie and scrolling down the overview tab you see a section like this:

just click the icon in the top right and it opens a box that lets you adjust the goal price.

on the autoinvest page you can adjust for how long you want funds to be deposited and a target number to reach.

the pie will only ever assess historical data however, so trying to maximise the pies % return is not going to guarantee you will see growth on target.

That’s great news, thank you!
I think I’ve been spending to much time working on it via my phone, I’d forgotten to check the desktop version!

Thanks for your advice!


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