Market buy failing?


I tried to buy these shares once on Friday, then cancelled today as it failed. Tried again afresh today and per below failed again, stuck in ‘processing’

Do you know why this may be and what can be done for successful purchase?

@regional11 Liquidity’s quite poor for these preferred shares. The last successful LSE Intraday Auction I could find was on the 11th of May, everything else is off-book trades.

Thanks. Could you kindly let me know available options from here?

i.e. let it stay in progress or…?

Thank you.

@regional11 If you want to invest specifically in the preferred shares, the only option would be to let it stay in progress.


For now will take the only option available as you say. Is there a time limit for execution (timed-out), or can it stay there in perpetuity until complete ?


@regional11 It’ll stay open until executed.

ok, thanks.
what remaining factors /conditions are needed for this tongo over the line on its own accord?


Looking at this today, the share price has risen yet the deal has still not executed. Is there anything that can be done, or still a matter of sit tight and cross fingers?

Judging by comments made by David, if the liquidity is still poor, then it will be a case of just sit tight and wait im afraid to say. Fingers crossed it goes through for you. :crossed_fingers:

Another option would be to break apart the order into smaller bits.
I believe the order only completes if all shares are available. So your order may go through quicker in smaller order sizes, rather than one big order size. If that makes sense.


Thank you. Wise suggestion , I did not contemplate a company would struggle to breakdown or not have 10 shares to give, per my order.

Will give that a go. :crossed_fingers: