Purchase after market close

As above. There was a limit order for CEI made around 19:39. Tried cancel immediately. Paused for ages then kept getting message could not be cancelled. Was still pending at close at 9pm. At 21:03 it goes through when moving money between different accounts in T212
Can someone explain how it can buy after close? Whilst it’s technically up I know after hours will tank and likely cost me a few hundred £


It happened to me exactly the same thing…
And guess what I’m -5% already… That’s so damn buggy . Losing money like this…

Is anyone from T212 able to help? Looks like a 20% loss around £100

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Edit. Able to get out with a £123 circa 25%

@Rumen hi I think others had similar issues you were looking at. Can you review this ?

@wunit5times We are currently reviewing the execution and will get back to you shortly.

Hi, any update on this? @Rumen

@Rumen hi, any update on the investigation into this one?

Any update on this from a couple of weeks ago ?

@Team212 is this still being looked at or just ignored at this point ?

We are waiting for some confirmations from IBKR.

@Rumen are you still waiting for the info from January?

We have confirmation from IBKR that the order has been executed within the market hours. The delay that you see in the history section of your account is associated with the reporting, not the execution.

@Rumen it was an order tried to cancel and only went through when moved money into invest outside of market hours (there would have been Insufficient funds during market hours). Are you saying it was purchased without any confirmation, I was able to move money and could have bought other stocks but somehow it was still purchased. What would have happened if I didn’t move money into invest?

Are you able to say when it processed? It was there from around 1.5 hours before market close.
Do you have any comment on the fact it left me stuck only ‘receiving’ the stock after hours with no ability to sell until following day with c. 25% loss (£125 roughly)