Purchase after market close

As above. There was a limit order for CEI made around 19:39. Tried cancel immediately. Paused for ages then kept getting message could not be cancelled. Was still pending at close at 9pm. At 21:03 it goes through when moving money between different accounts in T212
Can someone explain how it can buy after close? Whilst it’s technically up I know after hours will tank and likely cost me a few hundred £


It happened to me exactly the same thing…
And guess what I’m -5% already… That’s so damn buggy . Losing money like this…

Is anyone from T212 able to help? Looks like a 20% loss around £100

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Edit. Able to get out with a £123 circa 25%

@Rumen hi I think others had similar issues you were looking at. Can you review this ?

@wunit5times We are currently reviewing the execution and will get back to you shortly.

Hi, any update on this? @Rumen

@Rumen hi, any update on the investigation into this one?

Any update on this from a couple of weeks ago ?

@Team212 is this still being looked at or just ignored at this point ?

We are waiting for some confirmations from IBKR.