Market cap info is always out of date

Where does T212 get the feed from. Market cap and other related stats should update at least end of day. I often see stats that are weeks old.


What stock in particular ofc?

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Anywhere you can find market cap history for micro caps like Escape Hunt.

You can’t use price history for these as so much dilution/splits whatever…

No stock in particular. All stocks take days and even weeks to update. I find myself having to go elsewhere all the time to ensure the correct marketcap. It doesn’t to be realtime,but why not enable updates on close of play basis?

I can’t really speak for T212 @Wit might know how often the feed from Reuters is cached.

I would guess it might be nightly?

The fundamental data associated with each stock is provided by Thomson Reuters. It is updated several times a day, not live. If you think that the fundamentals of a specific stock are not correct you can post it here, and we will take a look. @Tradingplc

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Every stock has false fundamentals. I use yahoo finance for them.
Unless yahoo finance got it wrong, I haven’t seen any stock that matches those of yahoo finance.

When you say false fundamentals have you got an example?

If the Reuters feed is a few times a day synced then it can’t be out by much for more than a few hours.

For example, check PE ratio and dividend yield for this one

Are they not different tickers?


No it’s the same company, ticker ARCC

I don’t know it can be confusing according to T212 RR market cap is 4.5bn according to Yahoo it’s 9bn…Reuters also says RR market cap is 9bn…so I guess it’s 9bn?

That’s what I’m saying, I use yahoo finance to take a peek for fundamentals.

You can try it with any stock. Some will be kind of near (but still wrong) some will be way off. But not to be trusted… :man_shrugging:t3:

I can’t believe how hard it is to find market cap history, you’d think this would be a standard historical bit of data for benchmarking.

So how does Yahoo compare to here

Same with yahoo for MC dividend etc, except from PE. There are a lot of PE values.

To give you an obvious example since almost everyone will be familiar with this company, look at Tesla. Its market cap according to T212 is in the $400s (bn).

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Yeah thats quite a bit wrong. 932 M shares say at 736 is ~ 686 B

We will look into it. Thank you for the examples.