Market Data feeds

Evening all.

Can anyone recommend any good data feeds that may include but not exclusive to:

  • Security prices at a specified time point - 0800/1000/1200/1300/Market close/ EOD etc.
  • Dividend Data - ex date, record date, rate, confirmed/unconfirmed flags(Korea in particular)
  • Corporate Action Data.

I’m considering building an app, and currently looking for sources of these kinds of data. Ideally something better than web scraping(boo), and cost effective.

@Finki you might know some good sources?

Take a look at IEX Cloud

Personally I am a fan of Simply Wall St.

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well define ‘cost effective’ - IEX which chantal has mentioned is like $199 a month and I’ve seen a lot more expensive ones, It’s one thing getting the data for personal use and limited API calls but another thing entirely if you are going to use it for an app. I hope you find something cheap but I gave up and ended up using google sheets and converted it to an app with but obvious huge downsides like you can’t put those apps on app store.


IEX has a free plan. Which is enough for personal use.

Weird you mention that… I’ve been building this sort of tool for a while. Mostly for Best Execution validation. Always wondered if this kind of tool would be useful to Retail investors - maybe help with the endless “I got a terrible price on XYZ” type query.

It’s build on numerous (very expensive) data feeds with Commercial usage licences. I don’t know of a good one for Personal use that covers ALL exchanges. IEX is good - but I “think” it has gaps in it’s markets it covers. It certainly has gaps in its worldwide dividend coverage. Most free/freemium data vendors are fine if you only really want UK and US and European stocks. If you want, for example, Korean, make sure you check what your vendor covers before signing up.

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