Suggestion for an API for Stocks data

Hey folks,
I actually have a spreadsheet on Apple Numbers with some different “watchlists” and I do some calculations using the 52 weeks data, PE Ratio, beta, dividend coverage etc etc… all of this is filled automatically using Apple/Yahoo functions.

The thing is that I want to move this to a tiny web application, (I’m a software engineer), but I’m struggling to find an API that provides these same data, even with some delay (it doesn’t really need to be real-time).

So if anyone knows a usable API for stock data, please let me know.
Maybe someone from T212 also knows something about not real-time data that is open to developers.


I am not aware of any free API providing such data (even delayed). In general financial data is very expensive - we are paying hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for the data that you are looking for.

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I can image how expensive it may be.
For just stock prices, seems to provide a good API, but they do not provide any more figures like that ones that I mentioned.
I miss the good and old Yahoo api :disappointed:

IEX cloud provides relatively good (but delayed) data for US stocks. Im still looking for an LSE equivalent though. Im using this python lib: