Market opening time wrong - can't buy

(Shouldn’t there be a forum for bugs/issues?)

T212 is keeping me busy this morning with issues, this time on CFD practice.

Tried to buy some TSLA at 9am but met with a ‘Market closed’ message, despite the candle moving on the chart. Still happening now, 12 mins later.

Please see images



(Another update - I won’t post further running commentaries).

Apologies, I didn’t expect the issue to persist past 10am, but it’s still saying market closed.

Well, clearly I am providing running commentary (sorry about that), but it’s past 12pm and still it says ‘Market closed’; and no response from staff.

I’m not on my iMac atm but the app seems fine

Just did a forced refresh (2nd of the day) and it’s working now (desktop). Thanks for looking though :smiley: