Orders stuck on cancelling - 08.06.21 [Resolved✅]

Hi :wave:,

Тhere is a delay in the cancellation of some orders and we are currently working on fixing the issue. As always, we’ll inform you once it is fixed and you can keep an eye on the article here.

how about selling that is not happening either!

Trying to sell my share 2 triggers not done. Gamestop situation again?

Please fix your servers, this is getting frustrating now…
I can’t sell my some of my positions.

$XPEV hit target, order didn’t get executed.

Now it’s down 40 cents, who is to blame?

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Hey @ChrisJ

It’s not something related to our servers. IB confirmed that they are investigating on their end what is causing the issue and they working to have it resolved asap.

In my case:
I cannot sell with limit orders
I cannot sell with market orders
And I cannot cancel pending orders

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All my pending orders got executed :sweat_smile:

So your pending cancelled orders got executed? We’re they originally limit orders ?

apparently mine got executed, thanks guys!

For the limit orders, they were sold with the value that I set.

For the market orders, they were sold with a little less than the market value at the time that i placed the order but it is OK.

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I managed to sell. but now T212 sold and bought orders that I already have canceled:

Making losing money! It shouldn’t happen.

IB have just confirmed that the issue has been resolved. Trading will now resume as per usual.

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Can you have a look at my case?

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Same, it executed despite me canceling almost immediately and at a rate that was far below market price!


Sure, here’s what happened, in a nutshell:

You had placed a Limit sell order which was not confirmed by our Intermediary and thereafter another Limit order with the same quantity.

The orders were duplicated in a short period of time and you sold more quantity than you had owned, in reality, resulting in the opening of a short position, which is not allowed in the Invest environment. Therefore, an automatic Buy order was placed from the system in order to close the short position.

For additional reference, definitely make sure to check this post in another thread in the Community, as it describes an identical situation.

As always, if you need anything else -feel free to DM me :v:

@B.E please check inbox, DM sent.

I’m getting ‘Order Cancellation Failed. You order BUY 100 (ticker) could not be cancelled’

It’s showing as funds reserved. Been like it for a couple of hours and the price has crossed my limit in that time but nothing happened. It’s now way above my buy limit. I don’t care if I’ve missed the profit opportunity, I just want my funds unreserved.

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My order DID execute, but it only showed up today, hours after close. Fortunately it was to buy CLOV at 17.50, so I’m nearly 30% up. First time the app has done something weird that has gone in my favour.