Market Orders not working

Anyone ever feel like these are not functioning properly?

When I’ve had to use this to sell it goes pending (often for hours) only to finally go through and sell for far below (10%+) any price it has traded at that day.

Any examples plus some more characters to post?

what stocks has this happened to you on? can you provide the ticker and the exchange it trades on so we can see the market conditions?

Hi thanks for the reply.

-3x Short Facebook GraniteShares.

Submitted on 30th November 16:00 but never filled until 1st December 08:05.

Actual Fill price I got €0.4550

Market price when submitted €0.4999
Market price when it filled €0.5020
Never went below €0.4999 at any point.


I think you’re looking at the buy price and not the sell price.

@MarcRAFFARD is this one of yours? What’s the liquidity like?


@Donaldo_Duckarelli yes, you are right it is one of our ETP

@Lewdy We will explore this issue with our Market Maker Natixis and with Trading212 as well.
I will come back here once I get clarification.

@Lewdy I got an answer from Trading212 trading desk.

your order has been created on 30.11.2021 at 16:35:03 GMT (after the market close).
And the order has been filled on 01.12 at 08:02:30 GMT (the next day when the market opens)

According to Bloomberg, the first bid for the session was 0.455 EUR.


Ahh I see so the market crashed 9% for less than a minute, then recovered and in that exact minute you managed to process my order.

Feel much better now this has been explained logically.

Ask for a best execution report if you don’t believe them. You’re entitled to it.

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