Market Values and Orders


I have two questions about Trading 212 platform:


  1. How do you get your market values?

For example, on Nasdaq LTRPB is listed as

but on your platform this is not reflected accurate

Why these differences?


  1. I have received an email on in regards to my stock orders and they are stated as following:
Order Type Execution venue
MARKET Over the Counter (OTC)
MARKET Over the Counter (OTC)

Why some are purchased OTC and not directly from the Stock Exchange if the instrument is listed on the Exchange?
What would be the difference or reason?


Thank you for your time and assistance!

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anyone has any comments?


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@drtinvest We source the prices from the relevant exchanges, e.g. NASDAQ-listed EQs from NASDAQ themselves.

If I remember correctly, we suspended the stock on the 15th as it was also halted on NASDAQ due to extreme volatility. The company itself was also quite surprised, they even issued a statement:

As for the OTC question: Trading type newbie question

The best price isn’t always available on the exchanges, sometimes, it happens to be OTC (over-the-counter). If that’s the case, the order will be routed OTC.

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Thank you for the time and answer.

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