Queries about OTC Market.

I know that often Trading 212 execute the orders over OTC Market when you buy a stock.
I also know there are several OTC network and unsponsored/sponsored ADR (American depositary receipt).
my first question is: When you buy a stock on OTC Market are you actually owning the underlying asset or are you buying a contract/certificate made by the broker.
Second question is: Trading 212 use sponsored or unsponsored ADR?

Thank you.


  1. All of our clients’ shares are held in an omnibus account with IB, and as far as IB is concerned all shares are T212 clients’ shares, however, they do not distinguish between each individual client and his respective shares - only T212 maintains such records. To be clear - you are the beneficial owner of the shares at all times.

  2. We offer both - sponsored & unsponsored ADRs.