Show OTC Extended Hours in UI

After a long discussion in another thread here Delayed OTC prices and execution it has become apparent that we have access to the premarket for OTC stocks in 212.

This is great but there is no reference to it in the UI or in the notification regarding “extended hours”. Currently it just looks like the market opens early, with no delineation between premarket and market open.

This is very confusing and will lead to users buying outside of normal trading hours. It would be great if this could be made clearer, both in the UI and also in comms regarding extended hours.


It might be worth adding your feedback to one of the many, many threads asking for pre/AH.

I think this is one of the main ones.

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As far as I know OTCs dont even have a PreMarket (correct me if I am wrong), but if they have, all orders I put in always just seem to execute if the market opens officially, maybe if there is a premarket, Trading212 should look into that !!

Also it would be nice to have Pre and After Market Hours, I am using Interactive Brokers atm for that, seems the only broker in Europe offering that. As a matter of fact I know for sure that Trading 212 is using Interactive Brokers API for its Business, so with IAB offering those hours for sure its no problem for Trading 212 to offer these as well.

Happy to pay 5 or 10 a month for a Premium Service to have access to those features, IAB is fine, but thier interface is not that userfriendly like Trading 212s.

Since we’re on the topic of extended hours, I have a little side question. In my contract statements I see that some of my stock orders are executing on OTC venues, even though they are primarily available on the NYSE/NASDAQ. In that regard, does it mean it’s possible to buy e.g. TSLA at premarket times, even though TSLA is not an OTC stock, and if not, why not.

As far as I know, the OTC reported in statements and the app history section means traded within IB customer base rather than actually directly executed on the exchange - as opposed to meaning stock is an OTC Markets stock.

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Ah, I see, OTC stocks are cool, but I hope at some point they add premarket times for ‘real’ stocks haha.

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