Maximum long positions is 0 - on Nasdaq?

Hi @Team212, I’m finding more and more that I can’t trade CFDs on even the most common and basic instruments now.

Today, the max positions I can open on Nasdaq is 0. The Nasdaq!

This has been getting worse for some time now, well before the GME and others’ hype, so I know it’s not just down to that. Please let us know why this is.


Can’t open a long position on US30 futures:

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-28 om 15.03.02

Can you please fix this?

Apparently applies to all futures…

Yeah, I get that in the short term but I’d like to know why it’s been getting increasingly worse for months now.

How convenient for them today though, just as everyone wants to go long on CFD indices and buy the dip. I’m quite frustrated as I saw this as a fantastic opportunity today.

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Same here… waiting all day for that entry and… wah wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhh

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Is it now policy to block trading when you agree that, yes that would indeed be a good trade.

Time to look for alternative options.


Don’t know. It doesn’t feel right. Why should they block trading futures contracts? Volatility? Why is it possible to trade commodities?

Questions and I think financial institutions, Trading 212 too, should be completely open what happened, because all this what is happening right now doesn’t feel right. But I guess there will be some shady answer…

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They are on the other side of the trade - you win, they lose.


@Team212 @Tony.V @David any idea when trading futures is possible again? This has little to do with stocks like GME, etc.


Hi, it’s still the case at this moment. On US30, Nasdaq and Dax. No problems on forex.
Can we have an ETA of the fix ? Thank you in advance.


Hi the same issue here. I emailed them yesterday but they are not coming back to me… I think I need to pull out my funds.


The situation is unbelievable. The issue is since yesterday for indexes. Before that it was for Crude Oil. It is back now - but swap points for holding it overnight increased substantially.

Here is a new tweet from @Team212 :

Trading on GME and AMC seems to be re-enabled. But however it is currently impossible to buy indexes. Maybe an unblocking soon ?

Wrong topic. This topic is about trading US30, NASDAQ, S&P500 with CFDs.

Yes, I’m here because I’m waiting for the unblocking of the indexes too. It was just to say there is movement on the side of these values ​​and maybe can we hoped for a quick release of the rest.

I just deposit some money into the CFD account to find out I couldn’t even trade the most basic stock.

Does this mean CFD is not active nomore? It’s starting to feel like a casino now, whereby if you’re winning too much they kick you out, cause they can.


No, it is active. I can trade commodities.

Commodities, no good to me.

All is well, thanks.

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It happened a few weeks ago with gold, I was only able to sell it, a since 2 weeks ago I was capped at 10 CFD contracts for the S&P and 3 for the Nasdaq, and from today I’m not able to buy them, what is this thing? I’m losing so much money cuz my trading has been crippled because of this and Now I only have 1 option just to sell ?..


That is really odd!

@Team212 why are there restrictions on buying indices?

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