Silver & Nasdaq 100 in CFD

Still can’t open trades in Silver and Nasdaq 100 using CFD account.

Is this going to be fixed today?

Silver/EUR seems to be working normally. I have a position and can open a new one both long/short.

Index futures are a no go. Would also want to know if those will be available this week, otherwise I am forced to do nothing and annoy myself.

The maximum quantity is reduced due to the current unprecedented market conditions. For further reference you can check the following articles:

So due to all those who buy/sell GME etc, normal CFD traders, who have nothing to do with all that, don’t have the ability to earn money.

Thanks to all involved.


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I think this will happen more often in the future. Constant “war” between retail investors and hedge funds. Meanwhile disrupting everything.

Why is it the fault of people who are trying to invest in GME?

It is the fault of T212, and IB. No body else.

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Because it causes insane volatility in the market. I see other brokers doing the same. Delaying execution of orders, or certain type of orders aren’t possible, or limiting the instruments you can trade. So no it isn’t T212 alone.

this is a complete LIE. It says market volatility may lead to orders taking longer then normal. Not that you have STOPPED ALL BUY ORDERS ON SILVER CONTRACTS!

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What is your excuse this time for blocking buy orders on silver cfds. They are not centrally cleared, there is no extreme volatility as of yet, which was your excuse last week. What are you doing? Protecting your investors at the expense of everyone else?

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As mentioned in our article posted above:

Maximum trading quantities for both long and short positions are subject to immediate change, without prior notice. It can depend on multiple factors such as:

  1. Underlying market conditions - which include insufficient liquidity and unfavorable trading conditions.
  2. Control of exposure - Trading 212 manages its market risk to ensure it is not over-exposed to movements in any one particular stock.

We have a regulatory obligation to minimize the risk of a single event causing us to fail.

Why would a change in the silver price cause you to go bust? This doesnt make sense unless you are taking positions against your own clients. Are you admitting that you take the other side of trades using a bucket system (anyone who fits into the 80%+ of people who loose money on CFDs get put in a user pool that trading212s systems automatically take the other side of the trades)?

Is this not a huge conflict of interest? You are allowed to stop trading on certain instruments when the movement in those instruments may have financial consequences for you? Surely the way to avoid this is for you to be a broker not a trader, and for you to only connect parties orders instead of making your own plays within the market.

If this is how you operate, have fun watching the mass exodus from your platform…


Wouldn’t either approach result in the same issue?

If the vast majority are buying then there wouldn’t be an opposite trade unless the brokers do some hedging (which they have acknowledged). Eventually though there simply wouldn’t be enough opposing cash in the system to let people keep betting in the same direction.

Ultimately the money has to come from somewhere.

but that isnt a free market then. If there are so many buyers and not enough sellers, then the price moves till it finds enough sellers. I understand there is always someone on the otherside of the trade, but it should not be the person with the power to turn off trading when it suits them.

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But that’s the point.

In CFD we’re not simply purchasing. We’re taking a view on the direction the price will go with the ability to cash out at any time.

If you buy a Tesla share you can only sell it if someone wants to buy it. That demand is what sets the price.

I’d love people who know more to weigh in?

i dont understand your point. In CFDs you only have the ability to cash out if someone will take the other side. Just like stocks, just like crypto, just like any market. The broker does not have to provide liquidity, that is for market makers to do. They should not work together to stop one having losses.


I think the authority’s need to take a close look at T212’s tactics here. It’s theft. Disguised as unforeseen difficulty yet the had the buy restrictions in place for days. Then when market opens you can’t close for 30 mins then when you can the price has jumped by nearly 2 dollars. How is that not the liability of t212. Their response are like my 2 Yr olds excuses for tipping makeup all over the carpet! Not good enough.


This is why they are doing what they are doing. Their entire system is about to collapse. This is just the tip

@TheManWithNoPlan I’m just curious though, do you know that CFD’s are synthetic?

Just FYI, IB currently requires a margin of 120% to short GME.