MCSI Russia what's happening?

What’s the update on MCSI Russia etf? BlackRock state there has been an interim distribution of funds… But I can’t find record of receiving my share of that payout from 212?
From BlackRock site :

  • June 27 2022: Existing liquidation proceeds were distributed to shareholders.
    Any news on when 212 will forward this to the shareholders? Or has it already and am I missing something? Thanks

All liquidation proceeds we received have already been paid to shareholders as dividend distribution. If there are any further payments, we will process them accordingly.

I’ll DM you to share more specific information about your position.

Ah yes, I see. There was no explanation from Blackrock or 212, so I didn’t realise that’s what the div payments were.
Thankyou for your time and clarification, really appreciated :slight_smile: