Mentioned in Sunday Times again

Thanks for the detailed response.

It’s exactly this kind of engagement that that gives me confidence in T212.

Incidentally, out of curiosity I downloaded freetrade, first it ask for £3, then it it asked for £9.99, once I’d clicked past that I found I couldn’t see most of the app until I funded it… not very free.

Anyway, free trade is deleted.


@Eden The texts above give us flexibility if we need to take urgent action (given the unprecedented global circumstances) and work in the best interest of keeping our business model sustainable. Nonetheless, even the quoted paragraphs’ wording suggests that we “may” take any of the actions (like the described scenario in paragraph 13.9). The current situation, however, gives us the confidence to keep the current state that we have.

That’s incorrect. Your assets are held with Trading 212 UK. For FSCS purposes, it is the institution’s regulation holding your deposit (i.e Trading 212 UK), not the location of any third parties with whom funds or assets may be held, which is relevant. In other words, even if the assets were held overseas (which is not the case with us), still they remain protected.

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i second that. done a few CASS audits now and they HAVE to do that or else they get fined. This is not confirmation of trading212’s activities or any advice, this is simply my opinion from my experience and should not give rise to any legal liability on my or my employer’s part. (sorry gotta say this legal crap due to my profession)

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I am conflicted. I have investment in Lindsell Train UK equity and one its holdings is Hargreaves Lansdown. In fact, that fund has a number of dubious holdings, Pearson, Burberry, and Manchester United. Also money manager Schroders, who are other ones taking big fees. Nonetheless, it has outperformed my FTSE 100 tracker and FTSE All share tracker.

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I appreciate the clarification in how you’re currently handling assets and funds. At the same time I have to go on what your terms say as these are the binding agreement.

As I say, nothing wrong with that, but I have to go on what the agreement states even if that agreement contradicts current practice.

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HI All

Can anyone clarify T212 ISA protections, as I have read through this chat and seem to see conflicting things from users and T212 staff about the protections from FCA/FSCS and accounts held in the UK,

With all the CFD problems and margins, I have seen a lot of chat on twitter and reddit about problems with T212, some even went as far as to recommend I move my money elsewhere.

Are my ISA stocks, shares and a couple ETF holding protected from T212 and held in the UK should they run into insolvency problems. And if that were the case, would my money be protected and paid out by the government? would this be including my gains?

just seeking some clarification as, like anyone, I want to know my ISA is secure and safe. I don’t trade CFD so this would not effect me, strictly ISA purposes.

Thank you

its covered in a few topics already, some dating back quite a while.

but long story short, you have nothing to worry about regarding your ISA. anyone who is using the recent issues to tell you to move your money is just scaremongering.

the issues with the CFD accounts are a matter of profitability, however T212 is debt-free and has always been profitable so there are no signs of them going under/insolvent and needing to trigger any protections for your account.

to know more about the specifics, look into the FCA and FSCS for details on how they operate as this will tell you everything you need to know and why there is no reason to worry about losing your portfolio. clients are protected by these regulations.