Meta Trader 4 app?

Is there any reason why T212 isn’t linked to MT4 or does anyone know if there is any plans to?

This has been answered in a previous discussion.


Highly used and recommended ancient software


I agree with T212, mt4 is ancient and will serve no benefit to the platform. They did say they are developing something far superior. Besides, mt4 is only useful for forex trading.

What about metatrader 5? :hushed:

I am not sure about MT5 as I have no experience with it. But I think when this issue was raised the T212 team were not at all keen because they consider it inferior to what they have got in the works. Other than trading forex, I still don’t see its benefit.

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The benefit is for the people that are trading Forex? There doesn’t have to be any other benefits as it purely just for Forex?

How long have they been going on about their own superior platform? IS there any news on this? release dates? Anything??

If you click on the link posted by Richard above you will get your answers.

Its still not out and its November…sounds like the ‘dated’ softwares are still the ones leading the game

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