Question about Trading 212 [edited]

Have some thoughts wanna know what you guys think:

Did you have any concerns for Trading 212 don’t have ability to transfer positions out/in to other broker example Freetrade?

For me major drawback for fintech brokers is that you cannot transfer out your positions, in case they change their pricing later, and I scare Trading212 might do that in the future, so you are reluctant to actually begin putting serious money with them. Having option to transfer out gets you better night sleep. What you guys think?

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I think you need not worry. T212 USP for stocks is free trading and to introduce any fees would dent their customer base.

They have said that they are looking at introducing the ability to transfer positions without having to sell them - Q3.

Mmm probably you right, anyway the time will show.

I Know, they don’t allow MetaTrader 4 either it’s so annoying as They need to make it a thing quickly for when Robin Hood comes out into the UK in a month trading 212 are going to lose quite a lot of users

@sean17436 that’s a hard sell even at a push. for reference how about you mention how old MetaTrader4(2005) software is? Even its successor MT5(2010) hasn’t seen widespread uptake yet you insist that in 2020 a platform reverts to such outdated tech?
Robinhood also doesn’t have the appeal you claim it does, because there is little to nothing to gain and a vast selection of benefits to lose. Robinhood will take more from platforms like FreeTrade and the other fintech platforms than it will from T212, and even then it means giving up on the European market to access solely the US.

@D.I.Lookofinvest You don’t need to worry about comparing T212 to fintechs, because unlike all these new companies that have sprung up with limited funding to start a broker platform, T212 has been around for 15years, it is already well established as a trading platform and the move to a fee-free model and additions of the investing and ISA accounts means the clientbase has grown respectably. the new services and features are in the pipeline and the service you are worried about is already being looked at. T212 is very committed to maintaining the fee-free model, so that at least shouldn’t be a worry for you that would make you want to leave in the future.

Why you think that’s the reason why they could loose customers? Personally I don’t even know what is all that metatrader

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But trading 212 need to add that feature quickly! Like seriously quickly

The title of your post was edited. Don’t use this community to spread FUD with clickbait titles.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve read somewhere on this forum that if T212 ever start charging fees, it will be for big new features down the line. So you’ll have a pro account which has fees for but also has some extra features (for example a custom time interval or whatever) and a regular free account which is this one. The choice will be up to you.