Cash in my Pie Not Being Used

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Not sure if this has been answered before but why is this cash in my pie sitting there? I have Dividend Reinvestment on

Sometimes it is not possible to invest everything down to the last penny. If that’s the case you get that “spare change” in your pie. It will be added up to and invested along with the next investment cycle (or manual deposit depending on your pie).

We are constantly improving the allocation algorithm and eventually we will eliminate the spare change (or reduce it to an insignificant level).

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With dividend reinvestment, does it automatically reinvest the dividends if they reach a certain amount or only upon a deposit(autoinvest deposit or manual deposit)? I was under the impression it would automatically reinvest when it reaches a certain threshold like the M1 ones do in America.

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After you receive a dividend, if the cash in the pie is above the minimum investment amount for that pie, an investment event will be triggered.



Sounds like it works how I thought then.

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How can I know the minimum investment amount for my pie since I had around £5 sitting there doing nothing, hell I can’t even move it to my free-funds.

Hey there @BrightOblivion, :wave:

As far as I can see, the lowest weight you have inside your pie is 0,5% which leads to a minimum investment of £40. Small slices tend to increase the minimum investment and in your case your pie’s threshold has increased to the amount of £40.

(£40 * 0,5 = £0,20 as minimum slice investment).