Minus balance for stock I don’t have

I had BLNK and went to sell with limit orders. They were t processing so market sold.
It seems to have now sold 6 shares and put me -£200 with a market order for 6 shares that I can’t cancel. It’s been at least 30 mins so it could have bought by now if it was some kind of protection to avoid double processing of a sale
Anyone help?

Same here no stops working orders not going through what the hell this platform is simply unusable for trading!

@wunit5times Unfortunately, due to the delay in the processing of orders by our intermediary, you did not manage to cancel the limit sell order. Thus, both it and the market sell got filled, and you ended up 6 shares short. Since our platform does not allow short positions on equity accounts, the short exposure has been terminated with a buy order.

@bunnyrunuklovesjazz Your case is the same, the only difference is that you have used a stop instead of a limit sell.

Thanks @Rumen i can see it eventually bought the 6 shares back and cleared it