Some orders are executed with a delay by our execution intermediary

Some orders are currently being executed with a delay. The issue’s coming from our execution intermediary, and we’re in touch to get this solved ASAP.


My sell limit has been stuck on cancelling again

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Is anyone else experiencing the inability to execute GME orders?

I place a few buy orders, Limit and Market, only 2 executed 20$ above price at time of order.

I cant cancel the remaining orders now, I keep getting this message:

Any advice?

Are the orders still going through though? @Rumen

Hi guys, would you be able to explain this?
My friend is panicking as he doesn’t understand why it has rebought and won’t allow him to sell? There is also a pending buy order which he can’t cancel.

i have a problem cancelling my order!!

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can u please cancel the orders stuck in processing so that we at least have the opportunity to send a fresh order. Either execute or cancel. don’t just stuck those orders in processing mode.


Lost all my profits cos an order wouldn’t cancel so I could sell.
This is really not ideal man. If 212 won’t take responsibility, who do we complain to?

I mean look at this. Its been an hour since I cancelled .

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I have deleted a limit order like half an hour ago now, but it still shows as deletion pending, meaning that I still see the order there although I can’t delete because I have already made the deletion request.

When will the deletion go through? My order will not be executed if it reaches the limit price, is that right? I don’t expect it to as I have requested deletion a while ago. If it does I will be requesting a refund because this is not a correct or acceptable behavior as Trading212 system is at fault.

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OWN 12 shares but will not allow me to sell.

Orders not going through stop orders not working guys what’s happening!

Guess what, we have a contract with you, not your intermediary.

I will hold you accountable for any unwanted charges/losses I will incur in.

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Sitting waiting over ten minutes for two separate purchases and a sale to go through. This is happening on a far to frequent basis now.

When this happens, why doesn’t the sell/buy etc transaction get voided?
Would save the upset of finding out the price of action has been missed!

Hi I had 11 shares of Tesla and put in a limit order to sell which i then cancelled. I then sold 5 through a market order but Trading212 then actioned the original limit order which im sure i had cancelled. Why have trading212 still actioned it? This platform is a joke!!


My position in Mazda Motor Corp has been marked as sell for lack of account balance, even if I’ve added aditional funds and had funds to begin with.

I’m right now about 250€ in the hole since money from selling other assets and deposits have gone into a black hole?

Please reach out to me to understand what’s going on, I’m not trying to sell or buy $GME.


I’m not trading on margin, this is an investment account and I had the correct balance when pushing the order through.

Hi - I have a general question.

In my portfolio, I have limits and stops for most stocks.

I have found that these are very slow to execute - incomparably slow to clicking the button to either buy or sell now.

It can’t be a case of liquidity because when I go to do it myself, it executes straight away (if the price has moved beyond either the limit or stop).

I have also found that when I cancel a buy order, it doesn’t always cancel - I get a notification 20 minutes later saying that the stock was purchased and this is AFTER I have cancelled the order.

What is going on? Does anyone else have this problem?