Missing Funds from NIO investment - ✅ Solved

I am missing funds in my account from the force sell on NIO:

18/08/20 - 10 shares bought - £108.09 cost
19/08/20 - 10 shares bought - £105.72 cost

Total invested: £218.81

Profit from auto sell on 03/09/2020 - £69.48

Total Missing Funds: £283.29

I have not received back my initial investment nor the profit from the force sell. The free funds I have in my account right now have nothing to do with NIO these were transfers I did from my bank > invest > ISA prior to the auto sell on NIO.

I need someone to have a look at my account and return my missing £283.29 to free funds as live chat is not really getting me anywhere.

Hello @Sayeem,

No errors have been made with your account. All your funds are there - you can calculate that by substracting the closed profits/losses and any fees incurred, which will result in the total state of your account - meaning that your profit from NIO was added as well as invested funds returned. Will DM you briefly with the calculations.