Missing profits from force sell of non-ISA compliant stocks TSM & NIO etc? - ✅ Solved

Has anyone else noticed missing profits?

T212 notified users via app that they were force selling non-ISA compliant stocks on Tuesday 1st Sept. at US market opening but for some reason this actually happened today sometime during the evening (near US market close?).

Looking at my buy history in the app I can see that I originally bought:

TSM 7.314148 shares
original cost £322.77

NIO 17.08388 shares
original cost £100

total original cost £422.77

The balance that is now sitting in my ISA account (I had £0 earlier today) after the forced sell is £451.37

The actual value of those stocks currently is approximately £702 give or take a few quid, so what has happened?

Did T212 intent to do this or was there some bug/issue?

I’ve sent a support ticket in but would like to know if there are others in the same situation or if anyone has received the proper market rate of the stocks at forced sell time today. There isn’t any history showing they were sold for me to check.

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@Joppy Everything went fine with the closure of TSM. The position was liquidated at 20:48:34 GMT+1 at $82.33, which was the best TSM price at that moment in time.

The transaction you see as a deposit is the result of the position - profit/loss, aka close price - average opening price. The rest of the funds (initial investment) is just “unlocked” & free to use.

Same here…

Nio 4.1 shares
£39.47 Total Cost
They were +£19 roughly a couple of days ago
Only had £18.60 deposited in my account , seems to be missing £40 somewhere
Share value is 18.7 USD or £14.09 at the moment

Something doesn’t add up

Hello @Steve12,

The transaction shows only the profit you had on your position, the rest of the funds - your initially invested sum was freed back to your account and is available for reinvestment

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Thanks Peter,

I was a little unclear with just seeing the £18.60 added i didn’t see the rest of the money put in the funds available section. Maybe in future it could say that a certain amount has been deposited and then a certain amount is back in the funds available as am sure the newbies (myself included) would find it helpful.

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Hey David, did everyone close their ISA shares at the same time/price, or were they staggered? Can you say at what time & price Nio was closed at?

@Melvin212 NIO -> $18.787