Nio Shares where are the proceeds from the sale ? - ✅ Solved

Hi forgive me i am relative new to investing.

I have just realised my Nio stocks have gone i have read elsewhere this was due to UK regulations etc which i accept and am not disputing.

However where is the money from these shares ? . Where can i view in my account for how much they were sold and where the funds went? I always have a amount in free funds so how can i check the proceeds from the sale went in to free funds as i cannot seperate the proceeds from sale and existing funds ??



You can see the profit from your investment as a transaction. The capital initially invested has been freed back to your free funds for reinvestment. Not visible as a transaction, but the overall increase of your free funds.

We are doing a rework of how this is visualised in the clients account so no further confusion is caused.

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