Missing quotes in some tickers


These tickers have no price quotes and cannot be traded. It’s been a while since they where added, and therefore they should already have them:

CEV1 Esp Vivienda Alquiler SA
XBRSB Banco Santander RIO
XVOLB Volcan CIA Minera
XCOPO Cia Paranaense de Energia

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That all looks correct to me.

Theres not been a new quote on these for weeks and months in some cases. I wouldn’t expect anything on the chart until there’s a new ask.

The bid/ask quote that T212 gets from Bloomberg isn’t connected in anyway to the trading btw.

The ask could say banana next to the ask it’s just indicative.

Struggling to see any candles


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@phildawson is correct. The charts in ISA/Invest accounts are indicative. However, as soon as there is sufficient liquidity, it will be reflected accordingly.



Thank you for adding COPL to platform!
Could you please fix the chart, quotes etc.?
Almost impossible to invest/trade in current form. Very much appreciated


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Hey @JustLookingThx,

The situation is similar to the one mentioned above. Besides, COPL has been added recently and as soon as there are quotes, they will be reflected on the chart.

@Bogi.H This one looks different there should be new quotes available. You can see the bid/ask change after 10:20 today.

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Bloomberg website has that 0.34 as the last trade (looks like a sell), so it really shouldn’t still be 0.43 ask inside T212 the spread ain’t that wide.

The ask should be 0.345 as shown in the above screengrab of the tape

Whilst the Bloomberg API is crap it shouldn’t be pulling a completely different figure than their main site.

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Hey @phildawson,

In general, when it comes to new instruments, some time might be required until the quotes are reflected on the chart. Also, the recent trades with COPL have been off-book.

Additionally, we have made some adjustments to the feed and new quotes should start visualizing soon.

If Bloomberg can get the latest trade and MM bid/ask data for its own website shouldn’t that be provided via their own API?

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