Why can't I see Live prices on shares I hold? (AIM)

I hold shares in EMH and KDNC, on a number of occasions the share price does not update for a day of more, it is near daily that the prices do not update well into the afternoon session. This issue seems to be common on AIM stock and I have VDTK on my watch list but this again does not update the price for hours or days.

This is a fault of T212, I can view the live prices on Google, but why should I have to. Rather than bring out new features how about you use your resources to make a functional working stable platform.

T212 plots the ASK.

Google shows trades.

So the ASK (Offer) is still 80 and google is showing trade #20 atm

Thats going to be the likely case here, the other issue is that T212 use Bloomberg for the quote which is sometimes rubbish.

I have just looked at my holdings of KDNC and EMH, neither has shown any of todays prices, they show the price from the close of play yesterday (21/04). I would simply like to see TODAYs/NOW price, not yesterdays.

The lines are still black indicating the market is closed, it’s 2.42 pm UK time as I type, they should be showing red/green and the price now.

That what I’m saying there isn’t a new quote, and hasn’t changed so theres nothing new to plot.

T212 should be showing this.

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 14.47.02

I beg to differ, HL shows for EMH -1.01% and a high and low movements of 1.8p, if HL can show the live prices, why can’t T212?

Just as I post that the quote updated on KDNC so inside T212 you should see 24p as the ASK

The price has fluctuated repeatedly between 23 and 23.5 today on HL, it should be shown on T212.

If you look at the screenshot the 23.20s are on the AQSE exchange which Bloomberg doesn’t see.

The LSE ASK has been 23.50 all day.

My agreement is with T212, not Bloomberg. It’s T212 responsibility to show timely accurate updated information. HL can do it, why can’t T212?

Well I’m just saying T212 have chosen Bloomberg to provide liquidity quotes. They don’t consider AQSE only the London Stock Exchange.

The only change they would see is a new ask at 2:45pm changing to 24p


My question is for T212, this is their community for users to air issues, why have a community if you just ignore the comments (as I have seen on other discussions).

If you are very bored I’ve written a thread on it. Bloomberg thread of doom

Edit: to be clear these are cases where there are new quotes but Bloomberg just hasn’t provided it (sometimes for weeks)

I did spot @B.E :eyes: about to reply, but I don’t know what else he’ll add. In these specific cases its doing what it says on the tin, no new quotes means nothing T212 can pull through. So it’s working as expected.

Why Bloomberg doesn’t consider AQSE I don’t know. I’d love T212 to use another provider as Bloomberg is ■■■■.

What would be even better is working directly with exchanges and to move away from the piggybacking of IB.

This isn’t really an issue imo. It’s all speculative which source is better.

Ideally your holdings on 212 in the app in my opinion should be based on the bid price - the value you could expect to get if you sold at that point in time.

End of day, 212 like any other broker need to pay for data feeds to show this information. More live data feeds = more charges for 212, which would ultimately feed down to the user at some point.

In this particular thread there isn’t an issue in that it’s doing exactly what it should.

However in the cases I’ve pointed out that in that linked thread above it’s critical that the quotes are indicative.

Otherwise if you buy in at 5p and if it’s showing a bid from two weeks ago and you go to sell thinking you’ll get ~10p share from what is shown in the app and in reality the bid is currently 2p and you lose out thousands, 10s of thousands, 100s of thousands etc depending on how much you were playing with.

Customers shouldn’t need to be checking with other brokers just to make sure the ask/bid is indicative of the current time.

When you are dealing with AIM and especially stocks like KOD the smallest mistake in showing an incorrect ask/bid can really ■■■■ you over dealing with fractions of a penny. I’ve got the tee-shirt.

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Its so annoying when you do a market sell or buy and it takes days, yes days haha sometimes I’ve forgot i did it then get miffed because the quote price has changed so much.

I hope so much 212 improve AIM stock, even just so price alerts work.

Theres so much money to be had on AIM, just imagine if stop losses worked I could rinse and repeat, but alas I just buy low and hold.

The key issue is that IB is direct market access and doesn’t make use of market makers.

@David any update on MMs?

Like most people on here we use T212 as it’s the best of the (somewhat) free trading platforms, as soon as competitor comes along that can show the live buy and sell spread and near instantly complete trades T212 will lose a lot of customers.

MMs = PFOF, not good

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