KOD chart stuck

Last quote on 15th October :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Another case of no quotes coming in @David even though the ask and bid have changed many times.

Same as a lot of AIM stocks, can’t seem to get support to take me seriously :neutral_face:

0.08 ask and 0.065 bid on close.

Can you please have a shout at IB about this?

@David a couple weeks it hasn’t updated, can you please take a look :pray:

@George @Martin @anon86329651 @PeterA
@David can you please help? :pray: I can’t get support to take it seriously.

I full understand theres low liquidity but its not getting any new quotes in at all.

The ask is at 0.075 and has been for a couple weeks.




@Hadders3 @DPM @Ashige @Andy

Are you peeps still in this?

I’ve exit position in June few hundreds in +

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