Unable to put a stop loss “The entered price value is too far from the current market price”

Dear @Team212
This is very annoying that when you are setting a stop loss and you enter a price lower than the current share price you get this message.

“The entered price value is too far from the current market price”

I am trying to put a stop loss on QFIN. Please fix this once and for all. I also have this problem with other investments but I cannot report every investment on the forum to be addressed.

Best Regards,

@StockRed Increased for QFIN. :white_check_mark:

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Hi David,

Are you able to do the same for STPK? I’d like to place a stop loss at $19.84.

Thank you

I echo that, it’s annoying. For now, making a request each time this happens seems to be the only viable option. As long as T212 accomodates our requests in a fairly swift manner I’ll keep it cool.

@Mojito :white_check_mark:

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Thank you, we appreciate your hard work!

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Could you please add $MARA too (ISA). Many thanks.

@Bullish-Bear The distance for $MARA has been increased.

Please increase the distance for MGNI as well. Currently, trying to place a buy limit order of USD 28. Thank you

@Mojito The distance has been increased accordingly :ok_hand:

Cloudflare (NET) cannot cope with 88.48, or 88.49. (Market 103.74). These prices are just here to stop all fund disappearing in the event of a market meltdown. i.e They deliberately a long way from current market price.


Hi, please can you increase the distance for $CELH ? Thx

I have the same issue with SPCE . Yesterday’s price is around $43 and now the pre-market price is around $56. I can’t put a pending order to sell :frowning: Can you help, please? Thanks

@David @B.E @Y.M

The distance has been increased, feel free to try again @Abdullah :v:

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@Team212 same issue with NLST - please resolve

Hey @chad5k1 :wave:, the distance has been increased.

Hello guys,

Is it possible to increase the distance for NNDM & BNGO?

Thanks in advance.

@David @Bogi.H @B.E @Y.M

Hey @Traderbynight,

We have increased the distance for NNDM & BNGO, feel free to try again.

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Hi please can you increase on vast resources and Vodafone granite X3 long

Hey @bmbm365 The distance was just increased. :heavy_check_mark:

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