Mobile app backup

I only use the mobile app for T212 trading, adding the same indicators rsi, macd, ma’s, support lines etc to each position and saving in categories so I can scan through. It’s taken me a lot of work to put this together given that there is no ‘save as default’ option.
My concern is if I change my mobile phone I will need to start again from scratch. Is there any way to back up data to an sd card, cloud storage etc? If not, is there any plan to look at this?

Many thanks

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Try logging in to the web app and see if any of your data is missing(it shouldn’t be).

I will when I am able to get to computer. So I guess what you’re suggesting is that the indicators and lists I’ve entered and created on my phone are uploaded and stored by T212 and not stored separately on my phone storage.
This being the case, then problem solved and thank you for this. I’ll try later when I get home (I can’t try on mobile as defaults to mobile app).


That’s what I have found between using the Web and Mobile UI. Much prefer mobile if I am honest.

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Just had a look at Web app. Watchlists and portfolio are linked across platforms, mobile and web. As far as I can see though, indicators are not linked between the platforms and even if they were I wouldn’t be able to transfer data from one platform to the other. On this basis, when I get a new phone and reinstall the mobile app I’ll have lost everything and have to start from scratch. I have other apps that I can backup to cloud or to my PC for such an event. Am I missing something or can we have a method of data backup? Thanks.

Hi @tpg123

The indicators that are saved on the web are saved on the level of your account. This means that if you access your account on web through a different PC, the indicators will be saved. The saved indicators on web will not be saved on mobile though.

On the other hand, the indicators saved on mobile are saved on the level of the device. This means that if you access your account through another mobile device or delete the app and reinstall it on your current device, the indicator data will be lost.

If you, however, make a backup on your IOS device and install the backup on your new device, the indicator data will be present. The backup can be done by following the steps on this link:

The saving of the indicators through a backup will not work on Android though.

Thankyou for the response. I never do things the easy way, of course, I’m on android! :slight_smile:

Dare I ask, is it physically possible to do a backup on android and, if so, are there any plans…?

Many thanks.

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It is possible to make a backup on Android as well and we will plan to add this option on the next version. We will keep you posted.

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