Syncing chart settings browser<->app

Hello, is there a way to have my chart settings from app load at browser? I see there is a Template icon in browser platform to save my settings, but I do not see it in android app.

Hey, @Cobra :wave:

Loading up chart settings from the mobile app to the web app is not possible at the moment. However, we’re working on a complete overhaul of the web app, which will lead to parity between the mobile and web apps. We’ll share more as soon as we have any news :pray:

I see web app is not using TV. I miss some indicators.

The complete overhaul of the web app includes introducing TradingView to the web platform. Once we integrate TradingView charts into our web app, you’ll have access to all indicators currently available on the mobile app. While I cannot provide a specific date on when this will happen, we’re aiming to have things ready by the end of the year.

Please, is there at least a way how to copy chart/ indicator settings within the android app from one ticker to another? Or set it as default? CFD

Once you apply your indicators to the chart of a stock, they remain there until you remove them or adjust them. Transferring settings and indicators from one instrument’s chart to another can be done only manually for the time being.

Still, I see how this can be useful, and I’ll forward your feedback to the team :pray:

@Momchil.G I am relatively new to Trading212, I have actually found that for my use case the web-app charts preferable for annotating, my mobile is just very small and not very readable for me.

I hope you guys provide the ability to port forward the existing web-app charts to the new version.

As cobra mentioned, it would be also nice to create a preset. I usually enable forecast Linear regression and some other stuff but have to manually configure it to my liking. If we could pasting an entire preset of elemenets on a chart that would be very useful for myself.

Lastly is undo / redo if you have accidentaly moved something, I have had a few issues where my mouse has exited my window and it has shifted all the elements to the complete left / right and cannot be undone ruining my time spent. Im not sure if its available currently on web but ctrl + Z / ctrl + Y dpoesnt seem to work

Welcome to the Community, and thanks for the feedback! It has been logged.

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