Indicators Auto Android

Just wondering if anyone can help with any info please.?
Many thanks in advance

Every time I pick a stock on my Android phone I have to set indicators all over again individually every time for every stock.

AUTO TEMPLATE FOR INDICATORS on ANDROID? ---- I use Android and I’m trying to find and out if it is possible to have indicators, set as an Automatic Template, of some kind, in some way, so I can just pick a stock and have my usual set of indicators (EMA, SMA, MACD,RSI) automatically implemented or used without having to do it individually for every stock every indicator every time?

WHAT I HAVE SEEN SO FAR ---- What I HAVE noticed is that once I have said them on a stock, for example Tesla, then each indicator has three dots at the bottom left hand corner that allow me to select the option “SET AS DEFAULT”.
But this doesn’t set a Template so that I can use use that template and is set of indicators, for each stock, just by picking that template!

DESKTOP/PC. ---- I know it’s possible to use indicator templates on the desktop PC computer but I wasn’t too sure if it’s possible on an Android phone with the T212 app on Android?

Thank you again.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, @John0. At this point, applying pre-set templates to different instruments is not possible. Yet, once you place an indicator/drawing on a particular chart, it will be saved.

Thank you for replying.

That’s fine no problem, I just didn’t want to miss it if it was already there as an option.

“…Yet, once you place an indicator/drawing on a particular chart, it will be saved…”

I see, so you mean that, like I’m doing, for example, if I save the indicators , (rsi, macd etc…) on TSLA, on Android, it will save those but only for that stock? (Which is what I AM able to do currently, so that’s fine, I understand).

Thank you again.