Indicators on Auto


Still learning so appreciate any help…

Is there a way to automatically set any favourite preferences to indicators, that I may use over and over again?

So when I open any stock… My favourite indicators are already set with my preferences, colours, time limits, period
Did, etc… to that already?

Thank you all

Hi @John0,

Depends on the platform.

Unless I am mistaken, this feature still doesn’t exist on mobile.

On beta web platform, pass, though I would expect it works like the old web platform. If that’s the case, then you can save a template using the template button sandwiched between the timescale and indicator buttons. Every new ticker you open should then use this as a default.

Hope this helps. Apologies, am not at my computer to show pics of the buttons.

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Thank you really appreciate your time and effort to reply.

Ok… So… Not happening at least at the moment on the Android mobile . Too bad.

As for the beta web platform youdescribed…I’ve no idea how or even what!

I just thought it would save me seeing my preferences everytime I have to open any indicators!

But again…thank you for trying. :+1:

The beta web is the new web platform. Effectively a copy of the mobile app, but on web. Looks nice I suppose, but is still missing critical features you find on the original web platform. You will find that the majority of more experienced traders on here still prefer the original for this reason.

Beta web:


On face value there isn’t much in it, but once you start trading then beta web is still lacking.

You can move between the beta and the original by selecting your account type drop down on the top right of your screen. There at the bottom you should see the option ‘Switch to new app’. To revert back to original, exact same procedure.

I’m not sure whether I was clear enough, but you can save templates with indicator, colours, timestamps, settings, etc to your hearts’ desire and have it be your default whenever you open a new stock.

To do so, set your indicator etc up to you preference and go to the templates folder along the top left ribbon, select ‘create template’, give it a name, select save and you’re done.

Every time you open a new stock, it should then automatically open with your settings as default. Note though that if you create more than one template, it should always open the last one you created as your template, unless I am mistaken. Haven’t done this in while.

If you have created more than one template, then you can also switch from one to another by simply selecting it from your list, without having to re-create from scratch.

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Brilliant. I will try it. Thank you again. :+1:t2:

You’re welcome.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot has changed since my earlier post. There is now a complete interface update known as ‘Advanced Mode’ which effectively brings together the best of the original platform and betaweb.

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Hi …
Just a reminder
I know I’ve asked before but Is there any chance we can have indicators TEMPLATES on the App please?

I use the app more do than the desktop!.

Thank you