Mobile App Switching Accounts

I have many suggestions for the Mobile app, but one of my most annoying/repetitive things is swapping between accounts.

The Order used to be CFD/INVEST/ISA

It switched to INVEST/CFD/ISA - not sure if tthis was intentional to get people to see CFD more and coax people towards it.

But when swapping accounts do we really need the menu items to be so big that we need to scroll left to right?

Can we get them to fit on screen without the scrolling or allow us to uncheck an account we don’t use please?


Hey, @Scott. :wave:

Thanks for the suggestions - it’s appreciated. I’ll pass it on for consideration and keep you posted if there are any changes.


Those of use who are not UK residents do not see ISA - so we have two options and no scroll - I wouldn’t want the buttons to get smaller. May be Scott’s suggestion should apply only for UK residents?

Thats fair enough, to be honest if we had the option to hide or remove accounts we dont use it would solve the issue.


Agree - I don’t use the CFD account yet it’s tucked in the middle. I would say on a scroll bar you should have the active accounts at the front / far left first. Not so bothered about scrolling/size, I guess though it may help some users in a readability sense.