T212 App won't allow me to change from CFD to Invest

Hi all,

So I made a T212 account (on the app) a few months ago but haven’t touched it since now. I deposited some money in the CFD account, but realised I want to work on the Invest. I go to the options to change over to Invest but once I click and accept the T&C, the page refreshes but it doesn’t change me over to an Invest account. This is all on the Android app.


Here you have the answer:

So am I right in saying it won’t let me choose Investing because at the moment T212 is stopping me due to the current GMC situation…? I do have a verified account and can trade, so still not sure why I can’t change from CFD to Invest.

As new account registrations are currently disabled, creating a new account under the same email address would not be possible at the moment. Once new account creations are allowed again, you will be able to open an Invest account. There will be an update in the post above accordingly.

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So is changing from CFD to Invest technically making a new account? I already have an account though and can deposit/withdraw money…

CFD, INVEST and ISA are all separate accounts that you hold under a single user profile with T212.

as such each requires you to make a new account and verify accordingly.

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