Mobile App: User Defined Default Technical Analysis

Dear Trading212,

Love the app, great fun for a beginner like me to try to figure out where I keep losing before I lose any real money!
A suggestion would be to allow users to have default technical analysis that could be applied to charts, rather than users having to set up their favourite TAs each time they’re looking at a new stock etc.
Would any others like that?

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I think the difficulty here is determining whether the TA would be appropriate. Especially as you have to choose the scope manually and determine the position.

Stocks and commodities etc all need different analysis so it’s hard to know if the TA you used on Gold makes sense when looking at Forex or company shares. Many don’t even compare 2 companies in different industries with the same methods either.

Thanks for the reply, @Dao , maybe my suggestion belies my lack of experience!
I do use the same TA on a few things for comparison and learning, and maybe in time Ill do less of that as experience grows.
But for now I want it! :grin: