Monitoring trade 212 gains against other portfolio managment tools

I have my trading 212 account in yahoo finance - you can build a portfolio in yahoo finance. I’ve checked my numbers over and over again. The number of shares accurate, the avg cost are accurate and the current market prices is accurate. It’s a very new portfolio I’ve started.

I’m currently down .42% in trading 212 but according to yahoo finance, I’m up 1.83% exchange rates are also applied in yahoo finance. I’ve also noticed the results seem to be much more volatile, is the introduction of exchange rates the cause?

Any insight into this would be great.

Yeah i’ve encountered the same issue. they never match. but the different is less than 2 or 3% mostly so I thought hey i will not waste any more time to make them match. If you have OCD then that’s quite a big pain :frowning:

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You need to do that by your self on excel or paper and pencil and you will find out the problem.

I’ve got google sheets with api’s built in using google finance and all sorts. Tracking it like a mofo haha.

The number’s aren’t wrong, i’m just trying to understand why trading 212 just seems to be worse off in terms of returns and is it due to the exchange rates being applied?