Problems with Trading 212 prices


I was wondering if someone could assist or advise if they are having similar issues.

In short, the Trading 212 prices offered for the sale of the shares seems to be entirely at odds with what the correct price should be. To anticipate any suggestion that this is down to exchanges rates, I think there is a little more to it than that.

Last week I made a decent return and since then there have been an issue with the prices and for whatever reason my app has slowed down considerably. Please note that I am using an iPhone 11, and have been using 4g, my own wifi and/or my works wifi.

In terms of the fluctuating prices, I bought 89 shares in Tortoise Acquisitions at $50.53 per share:

  1. At $50.96 per share the sale price was -£17.43
  2. At $50.84 per share the sale prices was -£5.12

This is completely backwards, further:

  1. At $50.86 per share the sale price was -£9.05
  2. At $50.70 per share the sale price was -£8.37
  3. At $50.65 per share the sale price was -£4.67
  4. At $50.77 per share the sale price was -£4.58
  5. At $50.85 per share the sale price was +£1.61

In theory, I should have been in profit for any one of the above cited figures as it was above the purchase position. I accept that there will be differences for currency rates etc, but you will note that the above figures were provided in the space of 2-3 minutes, and there was a difference of almost -£20.00.

I have traded this stock multiple times a week or so ago. There have never been issues until (I dare say it) I saw a decent return in a short space of time.

I don’t sit at home with a tin foil hat on but there are significant lagging with my app.

Please be advised that this is one example.

This has also occurred when I purchased on TT Electronics on the London Stock Exchange GBP to GBP.

I purchased 1,200 shares at p261.00.

At p269.40 I would have thought I would have seen an increase in the value but the sale price was -£24.60.

There is zero consistency.

As advised, the app is getting slower and the time to place orders is taking considerably longer. As set out above, there should not be issue with connectivity etc.

I have yet to write directly to 212, and I am suspecting something generic response about currency rates etc. I really don’t think that that is the issue at all. I have lost a considerable amount of money because of this.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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My initial thought, besides the big fluctuations in exchange rate, is: when you buy, do you follow the SELL price which will determine your profit/loss?

spread, FX rate and market availability. the generic answers that is usually the case for everything you are seeing. wifi is unreliable I found which is why I spend most of my T212 time on the desktop platform.

Maybe try using limit orders, make sure it doesn’t get a price you weren’t expecting. But yeah probably the spread, make sure to look at the sell price. I can see tortoise has a spread of 12c right now, and the spread on TT electronics is 3.5p. But this can fluctuate greatly on stocks with lower liquidity. So you might have been caught at big spreads. But yeah again, try limit orders to make sure you don’t get any unexpected returns

Hi @KR1

If you’re using the CFD platform this is unfortunately the norm, and due to the wide spread. Setting the chart to display Buy and Sell price you may find useful to see the visual difference displayed on the chart.

More information regarding CFD spreads can be found here:

PS: I tried to find a couple of other post on the subject but they have been deleted from the forum.

All the best :wink:

Many thanks for the responses. Much appreciated.

There just seems to be a catalogue of errors (in my view at least) within a very short space of time, which has cost me a lot of money.

Again, your help is much appreciated.