More ADR available in ISA?

Vestas and Tencent are available via HL.

Interactive Investor is no yardstick to measure against.

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This is why it is confusing. Different platform allow different stocks to be eligible in an ISA account. There is no consistency amongst the providers.

Read the guidance on the UK gov website. That will tell you what is eligible.

Would it be a better idea if the ISA providers read the guidance on the UK Gov website :joy:.

They all seem to have interpreted the guidance differently.

Most are taking the better to be safe than sorry route.

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@Scrooge_McCodf Yes, it’s not a mistake, we’ve made some changes to be more in-line with HMRC guidelines.
As a result, about 800 OTC stocks are now available in the ISA account.


Thanks for confirming. This is great news, I can now shelter the last few investments in my GIA.

Good news for those who want Chinese ADRs, Also nice that ADF is now available.

@Hbomb What are your top 5 holdings? I feel have a similar portfolio :sweat_smile:

How many stocks do we have access to now out of curiosity?

@Dougal1984 In the ISA > 10K.


Thank you for adding them to the ISA side. Great news! :smiley:

Here’s hoping some more euro etfs are on the way too :wink: RLX must be messaging almost every day out of desperation by now :joy:

Wow that is great news I’ve been wanting to own Chinese stocks in an ISA!

Thanks Trading212 :heart:

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Thanks David - that’s really good news.

Noticing Norilsk (Russia) is now available but OZON (also Russia, but listed on the NASDAQ) is not available in an ISA.

I’m assuming this is the same reason SEA ltd isn’t available - as their actual shares don’t trade on their home exchanges - which would make them not eligible?

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@Scrooge_McCodf Correct. OZON’s ADS are listed on NASDAQ & MOEX but the parent (underlying) isn’t listed anywhere. Since there’s no parent listing on a recognized exchange, it’s ineligible.


Is it possible to add MOEX to the app? It would be nice to have some Russian stocks as well.

This is excellent news. I’ve just found Trulieve (TCNNF) is in the ISA. I will sell all from my invest account and buy back for my ISA.

Is this applicable for ADR’s?
Is it possible to add the below ADR’s? (Trading on Nasdaq)

@vvsvin We’ve already double-checked our universe of stocks. If they haven’t popped up in the ISA it means they’re not eligible.

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