The FX impact - Different numbers

Please help me solve this mystery of FX impact. I understand that currencies fluctuate, and therefore investment value and move up and down.

But shouldn’t the FX impact be the same for all stocks? If they are from same country. I have investment in three different stocks of US but FX impact is different for all them, not sure why. What I have noticed the higher the value of the investment, the more likely FX impact will be in against you.

Screenshots below taken from three different investment taken at the same time.

Please can someone expain this to me?

Naturally you have not bought all shares in same day/hour and with identical FX rate. So ergo the answer is even same company shares when purchased on different hours/days have different FX rate.

Thus you have to realise FX is calculated on purchase point aka purchase FX rate vs the current fx rate.


How fast does the fx impact change. My yesterdays figure was showing a credit of £40 and now im in a loss of £40 on it.