Move ISA from T212 to Freetrade

I have an Stocks and Shares ISA account with Trading212 that has accumulated £50,000 from investments. Can I transfer my ISA to Freetrade ISA and have the £50,000 remain tax-free? I’ve looked online but can’t find an answer to this question.

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Yes, you can transfer your Stocks and Shares ISA from Trading212 to Freetrade and keep the £50,000 tax-free. It’s called an ISA transfer, and it’s a straightforward process. Just make sure to follow Freetrade’s instructions for transferring an ISA, and they should be able to take care of everything for you.

Yes, as long as you use the proper transfer mechanism from the broker. You must be absolutely mad to want to do this though.


Just out of curiosity - FT has access to some more markets - ASX1 and so on, is that why you’re moving? Just thinking 212 are fairly active on the forum so if that’s the reason, maybe it might become more of a priority (albeit IB don’t offer access to that market segment).


I would appeal to you to listen to Scrooge here. As a former customer of FT who had a Hell of a time transferring to T212, I would strongly recommend you stay well away from FT!



T212 isn’t perfect, lots of easy to implement and annoying things about the platform that could be sorted out.

HOWEVER, unless you’re moving to a more mature broker like IBKR then I see no reason to move platforms to Freetrade, which isn’t really FREE.

Their basic plan that is free has no ISA in it, higher FX fee’s, less choice of stocks etc

T212 is the best platform out of the smaller brokers.


I think this has been updated in the last couple of months. We should have access to ASX1 now. In fact quite a few LSE segments have been added.

I’d requested addition of a couple of stocks but think they’ve taken a back seat with other developments like the card, cash isa, etc., etc.

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Why? Just…why? … post must be at least …

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